WE ARE: A Nation of Immigrants - New Haven 2018
The Participants



Democratic Republic of Congo

Portrait Locations:
New Haven Green A15
New Haven Green B9

Current occupation: Certified Nursing Assistant/Student

Arrival in the US: 2013

Reason for migration: My family was fleeing the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Commentary: As a little child I experienced war in my country.  My father had gone to Burundi, working for Doctors Without Borders and trying to find a better place for our family to live.  My mother, sister, brother and I were still at home when suddenly, one day, a whole crowd of people in the village started to leave.  We left everything in the house behind and joined them.  I was following the crowd with my little brother on my back.  I got separated from my family and it took a lot of time and money for our father to get us back together.

Coming to the US, I was happy to have a home and food on the table.  My brother and I wanted to go to high school but we were too old. Then we learned about Jobco and I started studying to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.  Because my high school degree comes from a French school system, I am now looking to get a GED so I can continue my nursing education in this country.  This is a country of opportunities and I am looking forward to the future.