Anniversary Portraits: Portraits Created in 2006 and Recreated in 2016

Kat Murphy in 2005, and with her daughter, Greta, in 2016

"A lot of love can happen in ten years. Our biggest is the wonder that our seven year old Greta brings to our everyday. We’re still investing in New London, still making art, just working harder, still loving our family, our friends, our community, just loving harder. This project in 2006 was a coming together and remains the same now, just harder. Much appreciation to Joe and the people keeping us together. We are very lucky." -Kat Murphy
Kendra Ludwig, 2005 and 2016

“Broads, booze, and bad decisions. That pretty much sums up the last 10 years for me.” -Kendra Ludwig
Paul, Sylvia, and Anneliese Lapides, 2006 and 2016

"Our first photo was taken in 2004 when our daughter, Anneliese, was just six years old. She is now 18, a high school graduate, and on her way to college. She had a very successful experience all through school and earned a number of academic, community service, and sports recognitions, including a Martin Luther King, Jr. scholarship (a personal goal for her) and conference championships in swimming in the medley relay and the 100m breaststroke events, in her senior year. We have done some traveling, including a very special trip to New Orleans to participate in the Rebuild New Orleans project which focuses on restoring homes damaged by hurricane Katrina. In addition, our son (who is not in our photos) became a father and we are now grandparents and an aunt to an awesome, smart, fun, and very adorable five year old grandson/nephew.” -Sylvia Lapides
Laau Kent and his son, Khijiemh, 2005 and 2016

“For the last 18 years I have had the pleasure of sharing my life with my son. Seeing him everyday, I didn’t notice growth. Joe’s pictures offered a time capsule to see the change. Thank you.” -Laau Kent
Elaiza and Anthony Brown in 2006, Elaiza Brown in 2016
Ryan Connolly in 2005, and with his son in 2016
Rich Cable in 2006, and with his sons in 2016
Kevin DeShields, 2005 and 2016

"Within the past 10 years I have been through some ups and downs and have experienced some life changing events while I was living in New Haven, CT. Among the many things that I have learned which have had a life changing effect on me has been my introduction to the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira. Capoeira is a Martial Art that was created by African slaves from the coast of West Africa, largely from Angola, during the slave trade of the middle passage as the Portuguese colonized in Brazil. This art has taught me not only self defense but also and most importantly artistic self expression and a sense of community and responsibility to it. Capoeira has brought me nothing but joy. As a Capoeira teacher, I wish to share this with my community here in New London County." -Kevin DeShields
Peter Detmold and Martha Conn, 2006 and 2016

"Inevitably, 10 years has brought some loss - good friends, cats, and both of my parents have moved on. However, we have new friends and some newer cats and we continue to live and work and love our life here in New London." -Peter Detmold

"10 years! Seems like only a few, until I think about all that has happened since then. The biggest event was moving from one old house on Ocean Avenue (where my family had lived for over 50 years) to a slightly younger house at the other end of town: Peter's family's during the 19 sixties and early seventies - it's a great house in we're still so grateful that it is now ours. We love New London, the people, the beauty, the energy. If you don't know me, is the one with the CT license plate NW LNDN - how cool is that?” -Martha Conn
Syma Ebbin and her children, 2006 and 2016

“When Joe photographed my kids and I more than ten years ago, it was a hot summer day. We walked into his studio on Bank St. at the urging of a friend and artist, Kat Murphy. She would see me dragging my young kids to art opening and other events in New London all the time. My daughter Lili, who is on the cusp of womanhood now, was in a stroller. Her brothers, Aaron and Eli were in elementary school - 2nd grade and kindergarten I think, playing little league and being rascals. The boys will both be in college this fall. Aaron is an accomplished old-time fiddler and Eli is funny and a brilliant thinker. We’re down to one kid at home - returning to Fishers Island School for 8th grade. Lili is empathetic, articulate, a great friend and writer. We still attend art opening and music events in the area. The intervening years have disappeared and my role as mom has changed a lot since those initial photos were taken. My kids have all grown up to be interesting, engaged, and thoughtful individuals. I think that is the best I could have done.” -Syma Ebbin
Susan Hendricks, 2006 and 2016

“When the original New London Project was installed at Lyman Allyn and around New London, I was in the fortunate position to have three degrees of connection. I was Director of Communications at the museum and thus coordinated the marketing and PR for the show. I was the Director of the ALVA Gallery and performed similar duties. I was also affiliated with the Hygienic. What a trio of fun and creative outlets. It was an honor and pleasure to be so involved at such a diverse representation of New London arts organizations. Everywhere you looked in New London, there were faces of friends and colleagues!” -Susan Hendricks
Kym Bass and Megan Bresnahan, 2006 and 2016

"In the past ten years I've aged from 50 to 60 and, though the world has changed and the years have flown by, most of my life has remained the same! There have been good times and bad times, happy times and sad times, and times spent with family and friends filled with so much love and laughter that I wouldn't trade them for the world!" -Kym Bass

"Ten years ago, I was the proud owner of Agent, a boutique in New London--Ilike to think I helped make the city a little more stylish! Since then, I have lived in Maldives, seen the wonders of Bali, adopted a bunch of cats, broken hearts, had my heart broken, gotten back in the literal saddle, discovered my love of food and wine, and became the general manager of a restaurant that is not only my job, but my home. Through all of life's changes, there's been one constant--my best friend, my confidant, my soul mate, my one true love: my mother. I am honored to be standing by her side once again, ten years later for this project." -Megan Bresnahan
Gary Farrugia, 2006 and 2016, details

“The economics of life altered in New London, the United States, and the world in the last 10 years. The combo punch of a deep global recession and unprecedented rapid technology advances disrupted every government, business, religion, and nearly every individual on the planet. The chaos is playing out in our politics, our careers, our families and our everyday lives. To say it’s an interesting time to be in the news business would be an understatement.” -Gary Farrugia
Alva Greenberg, 2006 and 2016

“A decade ago I was in love with the city of New London and my life there. Then I fell in love with a man and I started a new chapter of my life. Now, having lost him, I am in love with the tranquil beauty of the home we made on the banks of the Connecticut River.” -Alva Greenberg
George Clark, 2005 and 2016

Maureen Kennedy and her dog Jack, 2006 and 2016

“Ten years ago it was wonderful to have Joe Standard photograph me and my art in my studio space on Washington Street, part of a big space shared by the Urban Artists Initiative with the CT commission on the Arts. I’ll never forget the day Joe photographed the joyful connection between my dog Jack and me, in his studio on Bank Street. On the day Jack was born with that big hear shaped marking on his black and white coat, just before Valentine’s Day, February 9, 1998, my doctor told me I had breast cancer and that I would be having surgery the following day. I believe that Jack came to be with me on the path, his loyal heart and unconditional love being one of the greatest gifts of the journey. I’m grateful that Joe photographed our connection again ten years later, I lost Jack shortly afterwards to old age.

At the time of The New London Project, I was Gallery Manager at the Hygienic Art Galleries, one of the venues where the work was exhibited, including Joe’s photograph of Jack and me. It was fabulous to have a first hand experience of the public’s reaction to the exhibit. I am still involved in the art community and I now have a Graphic and Communication Arts Certificate. I have been working on a book with my father BMCM John F. Kennedy USCG Museum to be built in New London, CT”
-Maureen Kennedy

For over 15 years Photographer Joe Standart has utilized his lens to inspire, be a catalyst for change, and enable stronger, more compassionate communities. Ten years ago he created Portrait of America, The New London Project, an exhibition of over 150 life-size and bigger portraits that covered buildings, and brought the streetscape to life.

He has now returned to take the pulse of the city ten years later. He is working to reconnect with and photograph/videotape 40 of his original subjects. An exhibition of these “Anniversary Portraits” alongside the original portraits was held at the Lyman Allyn Art Museum as well as in selected areas of the downtown.