"WE ARE: A Nation of Immigrants" — New Haven 2018

A Monumental Public Art Installation now on display on the historic Green in Downtown New Haven, Connecticut

"WE ARE: A Nation of Immigrants — New Haven" is the latest in a series of public art installations created by photographer Joe Standart.

This Portrait of America™ project builds on the success of earlier public art and community engagement initiatives in Hartford and New London. The installation will consist of large-scale (25 foot high) dignified portraits of recent refugees and immigrants attached to the exterior walls of the three Churches on the Green and in other New Haven venues. The spring 2018 opening coincides with the 380th Anniversary of the founding of New Haven and celebrates spring’s resurgence on the Green. The exhibit will remain open throughout graduation ceremonies and is closely aligned with the themes of the International Festival of Arts and Ideas, International Refugee Day and Independence Day, and expects to attract an audience of well over 275,000. The Exhibit runs now through August 15, 2018.

Portrait of America™ draws on the power of the arts to stimulate awareness, overcome indifference, and encourage people to build a respectful, multicultural society. Through murals and stories, "WE ARE" highlights the inner dignity each individual possesses, transcending politics and shifting the conversation about immigrant, dreamer, refugee and citizen identities. We hope the project will engender a desire for deeper understanding and an enthusiasm for equality.

There many ways to contribute to this project, and we hope you will join us as we build a stronger, more inclusive city.
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