WE ARE: A Nation of Immigrants - New Haven 2018
The Participants




Portrait Location: 
New Haven Green B11

Current occupation: Receptionist at IRIS, New Haven

Reason for migration: To protect my life.

Current occupation: Receptionist

Arrival in the US: 2015

Reason for migration: I left Afghanistan because was afraid I might get killed by my relatives.

Commentary: I was married to my husband for three years before he got killed by the Taliban.  After his death, my husband’s family wanted me to marry someone else in the family.  When I refused, they said they would kill me.   So I left my country and job and everything and took my family to Pakistan.  In Pakistan I had to wait six years for them to submit my case to the United Nations.  I had to go through many years of background checks and interviews before I could come to this country.