"WE ARE" New Haven: Opportunities for Support


Thank you for visting our site and wanting to learn more about Portrait of America’s WE ARE - A Nation of Immigrants, the latest in my series my of public art installations, this time in the center of New Haven. A luminary list of advisors has committed to helping bring this project to life.
Our work builds on the success of earlier public art and community engagement initiatives in Hartford and New London.

Your support will help create an exhibit that highlights the strength, beauty and humanity of our local immigrant population.
You will also be supporting community engagement and dialogue across our differences, encouraging stronger more inclusive communities.
With your help, we will celebrate our immigrant and refugee neighbors as a vital part of the fabric of America.

With the murals on one of the churches fully funded, we are off to a strong start! I hope you will join us as we build a stronger, more inclusive city.
Thank you for considering this request.

— Joe Standart, Creative Director

The project will consist of five parts. Each offers a unique opportunity for support and recognition:

Portraits on a Church

each mural

Support a 20-foot high mural on the exterior wall of one of the churches on the New Haven Green. These will be attached to the exterior sidewalls of each church. The vertical murals will be attached to the brick walls separating the church windows.

Donor acknowledgment at each installation site and on web site.

Portraits on the Green

each mural

The two “courtyards” between the three churches on the green will act as the central gathering spots. We will build a series of free-standing monolithic structures measuring approximately 4 feet by 7 feet high. Each structure will present a portrait of a Refugee, Immigrant or DACA-Individual. The structures will be placed between the churches inviting visitors to wander and contemplate the life of an immigrant.

Donor acknowledgment will be placed on/near the portrait and on web site.

New Haven’s

light post installation (or store window)

This community strengthening installation seeks to build bridges between neighborhoods by installing portrait banners within several neighborhoods including Fair Haven, historically a gateway for incoming immigrant populations. Through these banners, we’ll link the neighborhoods to each other and to the central exhibit.

Donor acknowledgment at the banner and on web site.

Pirelli Building Portrait Display


Thanks to the generosity and desire to support our immigrants, IKEA New Haven has granted permission to present our portrait on the iconic Pirelli building immediately off of I-95, which 200,000 people pass by every day. The portrait will measure 48' x 68'. Donor contributions will support the production and printing costs. (Exclusive sponsorship of this display is currently available for $5,000)

Donor acknowledgment in printed material and on web site.

Letters to America


DACA individuals will share what they feel is most important about their desire to be in America. The resulting printed and online compilation will be presented as part of the exhibit along with the portraits, and will serve as a reminder of what we aspire to achieve as a society … dating back to our founding.

Donor acknowledgment in printed material and on web site.



Our website will present expanded content, including a map of the exhibit and documentary material.

Donor acknowledgment on website and on the print material thanking our supporters.


Donations for "WE ARE" are made to our fiscal agent, The Arts Council of Greater New Haven, Inc.,
which is a tax-exempt charitable organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 

Use the Donate Here button to go to The Arts Council's donation webpage.

Donate Here

Our Kickstarter is launched!

We've put together a nifty campaign for the "We Are" project that allows everyone to participate, starting with as little as $5. 

Please click below to go to the Kickstarter page and get all the details!

This is an "All or Nothing" Kickstarter, which means it will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sunday, April 15, 2018, 11:00 pm EDT.